Allan Banwell Alumni Profile

In this short clip from Western Rugby Alumni, we hear from Allan Banwell, a former rugby referee.

He speaks briefly on the way referees currently get chosen and the different ways that people approach the job. Banwell states that refereeing can become a huge part of one’s life and allows former players to stay in touch with the game while they help the rugby community.

Finally, Banwell discusses the problems that exist within rugby refereeing in the United States. He makes note of the shortage of referees in some states and remarks that this problem might be solved by encouraging more people to become referees and offering better training programs and scholarships.

Show Notes

0:02: Allan Banwell discusses how rugby referees get chosen.

0:46: What happens after people get picked to become referees?

1:15: Allan shares a bit about the life of a referee.

2:11: What can a scholarship do to advance refereeing in the United States?

Wrap Up

In this video, we hear from former rugby referee Allan Banwell. In the clip, Banwell talks about how referees get chosen currently, why that may lead to problems, and how the number of quality referees in the States can grow. One of the ways in which this problem can be solved is through programs and scholarships that encourage more people to get started with refereeing by making the learning and adaptation process easier.