Spence McTavish Interview: Former UBC Player and Coach

In this interview, we hear from Spence McTavish, a previous UBC (University of British Columbia) player and coach. Spence talks about his experiences playing against WWU and the importance of alumni supporting the rugby program.

Spence was a UBC Rugby player from 1967 – 1973, and he coached UBC Rugby from 1992 – 2014. He has since been inducted into the UBC Sports Hall of Fame and the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame.

Spence gives insight into what it was like to play rugby in the 1960s and 70s, and he mentions that Western Washington University was the best team he played against.

Show Notes

0:10: Spence talks about the beginning of his rugby career.

0:30: Spence lists the rugby teams that UBC played against when he was in college.

1:00: We get some insight into what the game of rugby was like several decades ago.

1:30: Spence shares a story from a game with WWU.

2:35: We hear more about why it’s important for alumni to support the WWU rugby program.

Wrap Up

This interview features previous UBC player and coach Spence McTavish as he speaks about some of his experiences on the field with WWU and the importance of raising money for their rugby program.