December Coach Insider: Paul Horne

In this issue of WWU Coach Insider, we hear from the head coach of the Western Washington University rugby team Paul Horne. In this interview, Paul talks about the upcoming Sunshine Tour in San Diego, how they’re training for the tour, and how Richie Walker is helping the team fine-tune their skills.

Coach Horne talks about how the Sunshine Tour came about as a way to get back into the season and play the University of San Diego on January 22. Strength and conditioning continues during the off-season through a program put together by Ryan Little.

Paul also discusses how Richie Walker of New Zealand will be helping provide his expertise to the rugby team via three or four sessions with WWU before they play USC. Richie Walker has a great deal of experience coaching rugby for both men and women, having coached the women’s 7s team, the Japan national team, and the Seawolves.

Alumni can get involved to support WWU Rugby by coming onboard for the Sunshine Tour and supporting the local program. Paul encourages alumni and parents to get out of the rain and support the team.

Show Notes

0:04: What is the Sunshine Tour?

1:48: What are you doing to train for the tour?

3:28: How is Richie Walker helping WWU?

5:40: How can alumni get involved?

Wrap Up

In this Coach Insider interview, we heard from Paul Horne, the head rugby coach at WWU. Paul talked about the Sunshine Tour that will take place in San Diego, covered how the team is training for the tour, and expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming sessions with Richie Walker, accomplished 15s and 7s coach with over 20 years of coaching experience. He closed by talking about how alumni can help support the team throughout the Sunshine Tour.