September Coach Insider: Coach Paul Horne

This month, Western Washington University’s head rugby coach Paul Horne talks about what to expect in the upcoming season. He also gives insight into some of the challenges related to rebuilding the team and setting a schedule for this year’s season.

The rugby team’s playing schedule currently includes two league matches in the fall with UW and UO, home and away games with the University of Victoria, Trinity Western University, and Central Washington University, and tentative plans to play the University of SanDiego in January.

WWU’s rugby team members haven’t played as a Western team since March of 2020, so there are several team-building exercises and fitness routines in store as the season begins. 

Show Notes

0:05: What does the upcoming season look like?

3:00: How are you preparing to get the season started off strong?

4:15: Was it difficult to put together a schedule for this upcoming season?

6:10: How can the alumni help the program?

Wrap Up

This month, coach Paul Horne shares the plans for the upcoming rugby season at WWU. With supportive alumni, hardworking players, and dedicated coaches, this season is sure to be great despite the setbacks of last year.