December Coach Insider: Allan Law

In this issue of Coach Insider, we heard from WWU Men’s Rugby Coach, Allan Law. Allan reflected on the Europe Tour at the start of the fall season and gave insight into what we can expect in the upcoming spring season.

The team’s Europe Tour gave the players some fantastic rugby experience and provided them the opportunity to be immersed in rugby culture. It was a great start to the fall season, and now the goal is to maintain fitness levels over the season break and work hard on game prep upon returning for the spring season. 

The team’s first day of practice will be January 5th, and their first game will be January 28th against Central. Lots of preparation will occur in the first three weeks of the spring season as the team gets ready for the Cascade Cup against Central. Allan also spoke about their matches in March against Oregon schools, which will determine if WWU moves on to Regionals.

Show Notes

0:05: What was your take on the Europe Tour and how did that set up the team for the start of the season?

0:50: What is your mentality as a coach for the season break that is coming up?

1:55: How does the team prepare for the Cascade Cup against Central?

2:30: What are you most excited about as a coach going into the spring season?

4:00: Tell us about the March 11 game and the Blue & White Auction Dinner.

Wrap Up

In this Coach Insider interview, we heard from WWU Men’s Rugby Coach, Allan Law. Allan shared his insider perspective on the team’s goals moving into the spring season. He also spoke about two of the most important matches of the spring season occurring on January 28th and March 11th, which is also the date of the Blue & White Auction Dinner.