February Coach Insider: Paul Horne

The pandemic has created some setbacks in getting the second half of the rugby season underway at WWU. The campus of San Diego has been shut down, so the team’s trip has been rescheduled to the 26th of March.

Yale Rugby will also be in attendance at the University of San Diego on March 26th, so both WWU and USD will have games with Yale on this day. The schools are currently trying to get a rugby representative from the southeast U.S. to attend as well in hopes of creating a Four Corners Rugby Challenge.

In terms of the current schedule, the WWU rugby team is supposed to be playing against Seattle, Central, Oregon State, UW, and the University of Oregon before their trip to San Diego. If you’re an alumnus that wants to support the team in San Diego, consider making an appearance on the sidelines on March 26th.


0:08: The Sunshine Tour got postponed. Can you tell us more about the next 8 weeks?

2:30: Is WWU taking advantage of these 8 weeks of opportunity in any way?

4:05: Information about the Western Regional Collegiate Championship on April 16th and 17th at WWU.

5:00: How can the alumni provide support?

6:10: What are you looking forward to the most with your team this season?


Despite setbacks due to Covid-19, the WWU rugby team continues to train hard and is eager to get out on the pitch. Expect to see the team in San Diego on March 26th for a full and exciting day of rugby.