November Coach Insider: Paul Horne

In this issue of WWU Coach Insider, we get to hear from Paul Horne, the current head coach of the Western Washington University rugby team. In this interview, Paul talks about the difficulties that the team has faced this year, their plans for the future, and what we can expect to see from WWU Rugby until the end of the 2021 season. 

Coach Horne explains how the lack of collegiate games has led to the team needing to play against clubs on some Saturdays which has been a challenge for the players as well as a terrific learning experience for most of them. Paul also discusses the end of the 2021 season, which is coming up in just a few days on November 20th with a home game against the Oregon Ducks.

After a short winter break, the players are expected to come back in January for an away game at San Diego University. Coach Horne also speaks about the scheduled 2022 Scotland tour.

Show Notes

0:04: How are you feeling about this season so far?

2:10: Why are you going down to the University of San Diego?

3:21: What is the Scotland tour in 2022?

4:53: What can the alumni do to help?

6:00: How are you looking to finish off the 2021 season?

Wrap Up

In this Coach Insider interview, we heard from the head rugby coach at WWU, Paul Horne. Paul gave insight into how the season has been going for the WWU Rugby team and the different challenges that they’ve had to overcome. He also discussed the team’s plans for the future, which include visiting the University of San Diego on a three-day trip and going on a tour in Scotland in 2022.