October Coach Insider: Paul Horne

In this issue of WWU Coach Insider, we get to hear from Paul Horne, the current head coach of the Western Washington University rugby team. Paul talks about what the team is looking like this season and gives insight into some of the roadblocks they have to overcome while trying to rebuild the program after Covid-19 put everything on pause.

Paul also shares some specifics regarding the WWU Rugby team’s schedule and comments on their San Diego trip that is planned for January of 2022. Coach Horne also encourages alumni to come and support the rugby team and mentions that support is all they need.


Show Notes

0:05: How are you feeling about this year’s team?

1:30: How are you feeling going into this year’s tough schedule? 

3:30: Tell us about the trip down to San Diego that is planned for January.

4:45: How can the alumni come out and support the program?

Wrap Up

In this Coach Insider interview, we heard from the head rugby coach at WWU, Paul Horne. Paul gave further insight into the upcoming rugby season and how the team will overcome challenges while rebuilding the team after a year and a half of inactivity. He also shares some specifics about the match schedule this season and encourages alumni to come out and support the rugby team.